Call Before You Dig

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Dial 811 or 1-800-424-5555

If you live in an area with underground utilities, have seen signs or markers indicating underground power, or even suspect there are underground utilities, call Dial-Dig (officially known as the Utilities Underground Location Center) at 1-800-424-5555 or 811.

Call two days before digging for landscaping, fencing, building or remodeling projects, or sewer installations. Dial-Dig will notify us and your other utilities so we can mark the location of your property’s power lines, gas lines, water lines, or phone lines.

It's a free service and is required by law. Severed utilities not only inconvenience people, but they are also costly to repair. If you dig in and interrupt or damage utility service, it is restored at your cost.

So Dial-Dig at 811 or 1-800-424-5555, anytime.

Utilities will be marked according to the American Public Works Association Uniform Color Code.

For more information, please visit the Utilities Underground Location Center website.

  • Red: Electric power lines, cables or conduits, and lighting cables.
  • Yellow: Gas, oil, steam, petroleum, or other hazardous liquid or gaseous materials.
  • Orange: Communications, cable TV, alarm or signal lines, cables, or conduits.
  • Blue: Water, irrigation, and slurry lines.
  • Green: Sewers, storm sewer facilities, or other drain lines.
  • White: Proposed excavation
  • Pink: Temporary survey markings.
  • Purple: Reclaimed water, irrigation, and slurry lines.